NTLDR is missing message - fixed but now vista hangs on boot and won't boot safe mode

I've recently encountered the dreaded NTLDR is missing error message.  II'm using Vista Home Premium 32 bit which was upgraded from XP media centre.  I ran the Dell diagnostics and found my harddrive to be trouble free.  I then loaded into the Recovery environment with the Vista DVD and ran the startup repair wich apparently fixed errors.  It didn't.  I did the same thing again but this time did a system restore from a date about a week ago.  Still nothing...  I then tried using various fixes using bootreg from the prompt in vista RE.  This fixed the error message and now Vista starts loading but halts on the black screen with the status bar.  Vista RE won't even run the startup repair properly anymore... it just hangs at "repairing disk errors" for several hours.  Vista RE won't give me the other options either.  Safe mode boots up until crcdisk.sys but then just hangs there.  That's about as far as I've got...

Can anyone suggest a fix?  If not, can you suggest a way to get my data off of my harddrive?  I've got a USB adapter that plugs into any drive - can I take my hardrive out my laptop, plug it into another PC using my usb adaptor, and transfer the files to DVD or something?  I remember doing this in the past with another HDD but ended up with errors as a consequence.  Should I extract my files using a PC that runs Vista?

Thanks for your time, I'm totally stumped and depressed about this...
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Yes, hook up the drive on other system as you said so, and copy your data off the drive. Then start system with Vista DVD and do a fresh installation (format, partition, etc.).
redline8400Author Commented:
Thanks Punky.  I've got another Laptop that runs XP.  Would this cause a problem if I were to use this laptop to take the files from the HDD that has vista as the operating system?
nobusbiljart fanCommented:
no - but maybe you should have to take ownership :  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308421
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