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I'm working on a site that is created with tables. in one cell, i have a div with scrollable text. the default scroll bar is just not acceptable for my client. she wants something really clean and sleek. is there a way to do this with html or do i need to use flash and if i use flash, is the text in the box still searchable? i'm using dreamweaver.
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Mr_SplashConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm afraid this cannot be achieved in all browsers, however for IE and a couple of other browsers you can achieve a certain degree of design using colours, it can be done with a simple bit of css which you would apply to the divs class or style tag.

You can use as many or as few of the declarations below


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kenmac722Author Commented:
if i do it in flash, can i keep the text searchable?
No, at present there is no way for search engine spiders to read flash text.

However, when you embed the flash file you can specify the text used in the animation. It won't show up in the page but it can be found by search engine spiders. Let me know if this is what you want and I can give you an example.

Or did you mean searchable from inside the site? as that is a whole different kettle of fish and would completely depend on your sites search code and you would still need the above method.
kenmac722Author Commented:
no, i meant searchable by google. could you show me an exampple? thank you so much!!!
The easiest way is to add

<noembed>All the text that's in the flash file</noembed> after your <embed> tag

Or you can use some javascript that will deliver certain material to search engine spiders and the flash to visitors, such as

Then when you've done either of the above, you can use the following website to check what search engines will see.
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