When I try to secure my wirelss with WPA, I lose internet connection

I have a linksys wireless router and am trying to setup security using WAP and AES.  When i do this i lose my internet connection through it.  Left as no encryption required it is open.  How do i setup the security and still keep my connection?
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mhs85Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Could you give us some idea of exactly how you are trying to configure it.  For now, I would refer you to http://linksys.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/linksys.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=4024&p_sid=zlFHXcSi&p_lva=3967&lid=5556261879B04#

This will most likely help you set up your router, and answer any questions you have.

Have a great day!
djensenABAuthor Commented:
your answer game me a bit of a boost.  needed to change to WAP within the router and within the actual connection.  Thanks for the help.  Love this site!!
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