PPOE connectivity and internet connection sharing

I have ppOE connectivty from my broadband service provider. I have connected the dsl modem
to win 2003 system  thro usb cable.  i have configured dial up connection to dial in my isp thro
user name and pwd . I have a lsingle an card which is configured for my internal network 192. 168.2.yy
I am able to dial in to my isp and get connected to internet from only this machine.
But i am not able to share the internet connection from other clients connected in the network.

I am getting 3 lan connections when i dial in. one wan miniport which has wan ip and one for usb lan
which takes dhcp ip address from dsl modem/router. and other one my internal network lan.

Intially, my modem/router ip address was and dhcp was in the range of to and gateway is in this case also i was able to connect to the internet from
this machine but not able to share the connection

i changed this to and dhcp range to to  by logging into dsl modem/router thinking that now the ip provided by thedsl modem/ router and my internal n/w ip will be on the same subnet and this would solve the problem .
But even now i am not able to share the internet connection. but  i am able to connect to the internet
from this machine only. but now i am not able to login to my dsl modem/router.
i am bit confused about this whole process.

can somebody pls explain in detail how to addrss this issues
Thanks in advance

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ElrondCTConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I haven't used LogMeIn, but I have WebEx's GoToMyPC, which I think operates the same way, and have no problem operating it through a router with a firewall (in either direction). The key is that the web connection needs to _seem_ to be initiated by the computer behind the firewall. If you have a remote access program running on that computer, it can respond to a connection request without the firewall blocking it. (If you have a software firewall running, then that needs to be set to allow the remote access software to access the Internet.) I'm not sure why you were having the problem you described with getting LogMeIn to work.
Actually your machin becomes a router when you dial out over PPPoE. So your option is to enable internet sharing on internal interface of win 2003 or setup your modem/router so it will do all this for you. It would be helpful if you tell what kind of modem do you have. I'd reset it to factory settings, then configure LAN, WAN, NAT, Firewall and at the end port forwarding if you need to run any kind of services out of your win 2003.
I would strongly encourage not attempting to do Internet Connection Sharing through your computer; instead, get a router, or since your DSL modem is also a router, you could just get a switch; either of these would have multiple ports that all the computers can plug into.

Advantages to using a router over ICS: For a very small amount of money (US$50 or less), all computers have equal access to the Internet; you don't have to keep your main computer running at all times; other computers using the Internet don't take up processing power of the main computer to run ICS (with ICS, it has to process all the data coming and going); potentially better security (you don't have to give the other computers access to your main computer).
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venkataramanaiahsrAuthor Commented:
Ideally i would like to have firewall/router inbetween the dsl modem and my internal network. In fact i had bought DLINK DI- 524 firewall/router. my intial set up  dsl modem ==> dlink router ==> switch ==> internal network. but my problem is i was not able to connect from my ho  to the machines behind the above firewall thro any of the remoting software like logmein etc. which is very much required as my branch does not warrant IT  manpower at this point of time. with the dlink router removed and ics enabled i can connect to my remote systems  thro remoting softwares like logmein etc.

Currently  though, in an ideal scenario, i would not have opted this setup, because of resource constraints and above problem with router, i have enabled ICS IN ADC (win2003 std edition). I have installed latese version of trend micro (corporate edition) which has antivirus, ids, antimalware, anti spyware features on all systems at my branch . I have also enabled firewall protection in
ADC where ics is enabled. I think this would take care of basic protection
of my aDC and inernal n/w against internet threats .   Pls suggest otherwise.

I am also looking for simple  webproxy, internet firewall  which can give addtioanl layer of protection.
pls suggest any such good quality low cost software solutions are avialable.

I request an early help in this regard..

Are you sure thet DSL modem is just a modem? I haven't seen consumer DSL modems for about 5 years. Most likely it has basic firewall, router and NAT. Remote access could be built using IPSEC connection from win 2003 system behind this DSL box. Could you post the model and make of this DSL box? And which carrier (ISP) you have connected.
venkataramanaiahsrAuthor Commented:
The modem is utstarcom ut300r2u. and the ISP BSNL
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