The memory settings for this server are not optimal for Exchange.

I have a Mail Exchange Server with about 250 account mail. There are about over 800 email a day. sometimes I receive a warning event
Server Exchange: Xeon CPU 2.0 GB, 2.0 GB Ram

Can anyone help me to resolve it
Thanks in advance
Source: MSExchangeIS
Category: General
Event ID: 9665
The memory settings for this server are not optimal for Exchange.
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I would suggest that you run the Exchange best practises tool on the machine. You can download that from 
That will scan the machine and take you to the correct links at Microsoft to resolve any problems.


What version of Exchange/Windows are you running? Exchange 2003 performs a memory config check when the store starts. Do you have the /3GB switch etc in the boot.ini?

How to optimize memory usage in Exchange Server 2003
Malli BoppeCommented:
Yeah if have more then 1GB memory on a exchange server then you need to use /3GB switch with /USERVA
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