How to burn Divx and Avi to disc

I have several Divx and Avi movies on my HD (Windows XP) ,and I would like to burn them using the existing formats to disc.  Is there a software package that will do that?
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shuboarderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi camtz,

I'd recommend you use CD Burner XP Pro.

CDBurnerXP is a free application to burn CDs and DVDs, including Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs.
    It also includes the feature to burn and create ISOs, as well as a
    multilanguage interface. Everyone, even companies, can use it for free. It does not
    include adware or similar malicious components.

Key Features:

    *         burn all kinds of discs
    *         audio-CDs with or without gaps between tracks
    *         burn and create ISO files
    *         data verification after burning process
    *         create bootable discs
    *         multi-language interface
    *         bin/nrg ’ ISO converter, simple cover printing and much more!
    *         Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista

Hope this helps!
You can just use windows built in cd(DVD) writer and drag and drop files you want to burn on the cd. After you make the compilation just click on the 'Write these files to CD'

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The Nero package is your best bet if you want to recode the movies into a DVD format -- you wil probably have to purchase the full version to get all encoding features.  If you simply want to burn them in avi or divx format, you can use the windows utility as voxsis suggested.
I think you want to burn the files to watch them in the DVD player.
Let me tell you even if you burn the DVD's properly, you won't be able to watch them in your player unless until it supports the file format.
AVI and DIVX are not supported by most of older players, check your player and then only burn the DVD's using any software. NERO is obviously a good choice.
If you do want to create a DVD from the Divx/Xvid file and do not wish to spend money on Nero, then you could try using this:

You are looking for "Video DVD Maker FREE".

camtzAuthor Commented:
I'm not sure everyone understands what I am wanting to do.  I have Divx and Avi files on my HD and I want to burn them on a DVD using the Divx and Avi formats.  I understand that most players can not play these formats but mine can.  I tried using Nero (I have the fulll version) but it will not burn it as a Divx format.  Will cdburnerxp allow me to burn them in the existing format?
If you're trying to burn them in the same format, you want to burn a data cd/dvd in nero.  By importing them into a DVD making program, it will put them in a DVD format compatible with any DVD player.  
Hey Shuboarder,
What's the deal with with CDBurnerXP asking you (during installation) to download some network frame software?


camtzAuthor Commented:
Many thanks
.Net Framework 2.0 perhaps?
The framework the software was written in. It is used by most newer applications written for Windows environments.
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