i need to make video file format in website like youtube.com, i am using PHP and i hear about ffmpg

i need to make videos in my website like youtube.com, i am using PHP and i hear about ffmpg
but i don't know how to start?
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cg_medistoxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have never personally used these but this is one example of a site that offers support for the applications you wish to use, I only offer this site as an example as i do not use one of these sites, we have an in house linux expert who set our server up so we host our own.

There are a number of ways to do this... And the instructions far too detailed to go into here.

But check out http://element14.wordpress.com/2007/08/28/build-your-own-video-community-with-lighttpd-and-flowplayer-debian-etch/.

It's a guide to get a video community site up and running from scratch using ffmpeg and other Linux tools to create the same effect. You can take as much or as little as you like out of it.

Good luck!
There should be some useful links on here:

as this topic has been discussed many times before, hope this helps.
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I know everyone wants to be a star in the world of programming but believe me when i say, just buy a pre built one. Compiling FFMPEG alone on a linux server is hard enough to put you off the project completely, we resorted to buying one, they are all exactly the same, whether you pay $10 or $250, its all down to the support you get. There is one available for $10 that works fine

All i will say is that they all share the same insecure programming and are all vunerable in some way.

Our guy here who is a linux expert took 2 days compiling all the needed libraries for the install and then FFMPEG would not convert in php but it would work in command line.

The problem is that FFMPEG has never really lifted off the ground and all commands passed to it are exec commands from PHP, there is nothing inbuilt into PHP to make the two "talk"

I, like you, attempted the whole process and realised that for the sake of $10 and a lot of time saved to just buy one, if this is a personal project of discovery then i apologise and i wish you all the best, if this is a site that is going to be actually used then see above explanation.
alaamh77Author Commented:
So, from where to buy one.

The $10 one is obviously cheaper and actually a lot less buggy than Clip Share
There are also some sites that offer hosting with FFMPEG etc built in, i dont know your skill level so i dont know if you are capable of compiling FFMPEG on a linux or otherwise server.
alaamh77Author Commented:
yes, i need hosting support FFMPEG, that is.
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