How Do I configure error log settings?

I would like to turn off error logging, or instruct SQL to overwrite log files.  Do you know how I can do this using SQL 2005 express and Management Studio Express?
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Cedric_DConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In SQL Server Configuration Manager, dbl-click on "SQL Server" service, go to Advanced tab, and add three symbols ";-n" to Startup Parameters, then restart service.

But this will eliminate only Windows Event Logging.
As I know, you cannot prevent SQL Server to create ERRORLOG files.
But you can "wipe out" any information from them by calling
DBCC ERRORLOG    seven times :)

Are talking about error logging or  transaction logging?  To my knowledge, errors are typically returned to the application for the application to write in an error log that would be handled in your application.

Transaction log files on the other hand are part of the backup/restore strategy of the database.  To turn them off,
alanrogerson2Author Commented:
Every few seconds an entry is being made in both the event viewer application log and the sql log file in program files/SQL Server

I would like to turn this off.
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Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Can you tell us what is that entry in "the event viewer application log and the sql log file"?
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Also, when you get a chance the following questions appear to have fallen through the cracks and are now considered abandoned:

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alanrogerson2Author Commented:
it is a failed logon attempt.  I am using a hosted server on a standard SQL server port so many ip addresses are trying to get into the server but are failing.  I would like to stop logging failures.  

Thanks for the reminder about the open questions.
So these are hacking attempts that are failing?   Actually this happens to me to (I will never implement a hosted server on the default ports again !!!! :)  ).   I look forward to hearing if anyone has a solution....
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