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Configuring x20e Firebox for uplink to existing network.

I will first explain my original set up so i will be easier to understand where I am coming from.

We have an existing 25 port switch which I believe basically connects all our computers on the same network. We are not on a domain, and have to authenticate our connections to our server with username & passwords when we map the network drive. (I am trying to get everything converted over to a domain soon). Anyhow, for our internet connection, this is how I had our system set up.

From an ethernet port from the wall (snaked from our switch in the server room) I uplinked a BEFSX41 Linksys router to our existing network. This was done by plugging the ethernet cable from the wall into the 1st LAN port on the Linksys. Then on the WAN port on the Linksys, I had our DSL modem connected. Our internet is then shared over the network flawlessly.

We just received a Watchguard Firebox x20e wireless firewall router and I am trying to configure it. The same setup I used before is not working (and I doubted it would, it is a much more secure and advanced tool). However, there is also a port for an "optional network". I am not sure what this means but I am in the midst of researching this as well.

Does anyone have suggestions how to set up this Firebox similar to how my Linksys was set up? I will continue to search for answers while I await a response, thank you all in advance.

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gfeiAuthor Commented:
Well, here is a case of "read the manual"... Although I did try this (the setup instructions are similar to my Linksys box setup),  I will try it again later to see if it works.

To connect more than four devices to the Edge, you must have:
" An Ethernet 10/100Base TX hub or switch
" A straight-through Ethernet cable, with RJ-45 connectors, for each computer
" A straight-through Ethernet cable to connect each hub to the Firebox X Edge
To connect more devices to the Firebox X Edge:
1 Shut down your computer.
2 If you use a DSL or cable modem to connect to the Internet, disconnect its power supply.
3 Disconnect the Ethernet cable that comes from your DSL modem, cable modem, or other Internet
connection to your computer. Connect the Ethernet cable to the WAN1 port on the Firebox X Edge.
The Firebox X Edge is connected directly to the modem or other Internet connection.
4 Connect one end of the straight-through Ethernet cable supplied with your Firebox X Edge to one
of the four Ethernet ports on the Edge. Connect the other end to the uplink port of the Ethernet hub
or switch.
The Firebox X Edge is connected to the Internet and your Ethernet hub or switch.
5 Connect an Ethernet cable between each computer and one of the ports on the Ethernet hub, and
make sure the link lights are lit on the devices when they are turned on.
6 If you connect to the Internet through a DSL modem or cable modem, connect the power supply to
this device. The indicator lights flash and then stop.
7 Attach the AC adapter to the Firebox X Edge. Connect the AC adapter to a power supply.

However, if anyone else has had experience with this, I would like to hear about it. Thanks.
Hi Jen,

What you thought is correct; you need to replace WG with linksys and then configure WG for external and internal access and mostly everything should work out of the box. Things to note:

1. Where is your DHCP server
If linksys is acting as DHCP Server for the network then you need to configure WG to act as one (DHCP is enabled by default on Edge); make sure it is in the same range as your existing subnet. Doing a ipconfig /release and then ipconfig /renew would be a good idea!
Even if you are not using DHCP and every device on network has a static IP, then make sure the internal or LAN or trusted IP of WG is in the same subnet and all the machines have WG internal or LAN or trusted IP as deafult gateway.

2. Configure WG for ISP [Internet access]
You might be using PPPoE or username/password to connect to internet; make sure that the modem is configure in bridged-mode (no NAT) and WG is having all information about PPPoE or username/password or configured as DHCP or static IP address as the case may be.

3. DNS server settings
If you have an internal DNS server then make sure that your DNS server can connect to internet and resolve names; if you are using an external DNS Server, make sure you can reach it and if using WG DHCP Server, the machines are getting DNS settings from DHCP (ipconfig/all on machines would help you check DNS Settings).

4. Proxy on network
If you are using any proxy server then make sure that server can go to the internet and has correct rules to allow traffic; of no proxy; then make sure that the browser settings are correct.

Things above should get you going.

As far as optional is concerned Edge X20 you have got is wireless; normally wireless and wired networks would be segregated for security reasons (you can override this default behavior); optional network settings are for wireless network.

Please check and update, let know if you need more details.

Thank you.
gfeiAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your response. I will be trying again in the morning while we have less people on the network. Thank you for your response and I will update tomorrow with the results.
gfeiAuthor Commented:
This worked exactly as you said it would. The key was patience and, of course, the rebooting of the router. Thank you very much. Now onto other issues!
You are welcome, am happy I was able to help! :)
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