Moving files between VMWare Machines

VMWare uses a stripped down version of Linux and an NFS server is not available.  Without the use (or availability) of other unix machines, is there a fairly easy way to transfer large (5GB to 12GB) files from one VMWare machine to another?  

All servers are on the network.  FTP server not available. Thumb drive not big enough.
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WodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry I was confused...

There is a few ways you could do it:

1) Create a server (FTP OR SSH) or share a folder on a non-vmware computer that is on the network
   - then copy the files from VMWare #1 -> non vmware -> VMWare #2

2) Break up big files in smaller chunks so they can fit on DVD, CD, USB Stick, etc

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is SSH available ?

scp username@srchost:srcfile username@desthost:destfile
If you are transfering to or from Windows you can use WinSCP
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What Guest OS are you running? Can you not transfer the files between the guest OS's?  why do you need to transfer the file at the host os level?
kjanickeAuthor Commented:
Guest OS's are not a concern here.  What I want to transfer is a guest virtual machine, which is basically a flat file. Two files actually, but one of them is just the config file.  The other one is 20 GB but can be gzipped.

SCP doesn't seem to work either.  It's not authenticating my account (no global accounts) and the proepr service isn't running.

Tried to start the services and they start but error when a server can not be found.

Cant run ssh.  A SSH (Secure Shell) server is required and that is not loaded with VMWare either.

which linux does it use?

kjanickeAuthor Commented:
I'd have to check when I go to work tomorrow, but it isn't a full blown linux.  It's the bare minimum shell.  I'm 90% sure but the whole shell itself is less than 20 MB.
To find all executables and possibly find one you could use, try this:

~# find / -name "*" -perm /a+x

if you can't find anything, paste the result here

kjanickeAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry but i can't paste the executables in the question.  Yes, I know, it's a fairly standard request with no exposure to any secure information ..

but security staff says no.

Is there something specific I'm looking for?

I can start the FTP services and such but it needs to find the FTP server which is not loaded with VMWare.  Same with NFS.  There is no NFS server.

What version os VMWare are you running?  Our infrastructure server is 2.0.2
well.. there is thousands of programs that can transfer files.... we can't name them all

which Linux distribution was used?

has it been stripped down or did they use a small distribution?
kjanickeAuthor Commented:
Are you running VMWare?  or Linux?
Just use Veeam FastSCP to transfer Files VERY Fast!

Open up port 2500 - 5000 for FastSCP and transfer the Files.

Link to the Tool:

Multi-ESX management;  ESX to ESX direct copy ; Complete file management and Windows integration
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