Looking for replacement to Cabletron SSR2000

I am at a satelite office and currently have a Cabletron SSR 2000 which I am looking to replace. The SSR2000 has 16 10/100 slots and 2 small form GBIC fiber connectors. The layout of the SSR2000 is like this

There about 8 other switches which connect the different floors/users to the SSR2000 via ethernet (8 cat5 cables going into the 8 ethernet ports)
One fiber connection out to the main office.

There are 2 VLANs setup to join the two subnets that exist.

What I am looking for is a Cisco router/switch to replace this device which is the CORE device at this location(the last hop before going to the main office)
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bfasonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You may want to look at the 3560 or 3750. Both are layer 3 switches and capable of what you describe. 3750 is more robust and has stacking capabilities for future expansion.

Hope this helps
vmamedovAuthor Commented:
someone recommended the 2821c router, is there any reason to go with a switch then a router?
Not unless you have some need to support different line types or software. The router would need the switch module added and would get pricey when a switch will take care of the functionality you described.
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