Trim down SYSLOG messages from SonicWALL Pro 2040

We have started using a utility that will parse SYSLOG messages and alert us to adverse entry's.  However in just a few weeks, our database has grown to over 4GB due to *everything* being logged.  Is there a way from the SonicWALL to limit what *kind* of messages get sent though SYSLOG?
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dkwiebeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you looked at "Log->Categories"?  In there you can tell the sonicwall what you want it to log.  This may not apply to the 2040 but it does apply to the TZ150 and TZ170.  Sorry, those are the only ones that I have available to check.
Crazy_PenguinsAuthor Commented:
Perfect, Thank you.
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