client changed ISP, now users cannot access apps via nfuse


I have a client that changed ISP, which changed IP addressing. users access the published app via citrix web client from the internet. since the ip addrssing change they see thepublished app to launch but it work go. we did the altaddr command but think there might be more to address. please advise.
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AdamBNYCConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Where did you put the Altaddr? Are you running a secure gateway? Did you delete the old address out of alt addr?
deankasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Log into the web interface so you get the published apps, on one of the published app icons right click and select "save as". The file should save as launch.ica (providing you have the citrix client installed on the desktop and the web interface  (nfuse) is functioning correctly). Once you have saved the launch.ica file, open it with notepad. Look for an entry SSLProxyHost=

If you are using a secure gateway, you should have an fully qualified domain name and its port.

Verify that the FQDN for the gateway listed is correct, is registed in dns and resolves to the correct IP address.

Also check the setup of the Web interface (nfuse server). The role of the web interface is to generate a launch.ica file, to do this it has to have the correct addresses for an STA server (secure ticket authority) which can be any server(s) in the farm. And it has to be able to talk to the XML servers. You will see these in the setup if you log in to the configuration and drill through. The old nfuse is vastly different to the new versions so there is no point showing you where to look without knowing which version.  

If you are using a secure gateway, whether its the software version or appliance, you have to make sure the STA hostname/ip entries are correct. If the gateway cannot talk to these, your users cannot login. How you login and find that info depends on the version i.e appliance which has special admin tool, or the software version which can be installed on a windows box.
jlaveryAuthor Commented:
we go it done. changed the IP addres sin 2 sections of the web interface admin util. i will split the pts for respinding. thank you
You obviously found the section where the CAG IP address is held in the Web interface, thanks for frivously sharing the points, and labelling mine as the assisted solution when it was my response which pointed you in the right direction.
jlaveryAuthor Commented:
WOW .. take it easy. honestly it wasn't your repsonse that pointed me in the right direction. After i received the actual error people were receiving i did a search on that error in this knowledge base and that pointed me in the proper direction. I am a fair person so please do not assume that i screwed you over. I do appreciate your response and I am sorry that you feel like I screwed you ove on the points.

The actual error I did a search on was "there is no citrix presentation server configured on the specific address". please feel free to do a search on this within this KB yourself and you'll see I am not lying. I dd receive tis error to do a search on after posting this question.

Looking forward to working with you in the future.
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