iTunes in Vista opens to a black screen

I did not see this problem addressed here but for those of us not rolling back to XP and not running a MAC here's the lowdown on the "i-Tunes opens up entirely black" problem that a lot of Vista users are encountering.

If you go to C:\Program Files\itunes\ (or where you installed i-tunes)
and right click on i-tunes.exe and go to the compatibility tab.

Just choose the Disable Desktop composition, and disable visual themes

click apply and ok.

THe next time you start up I-tunes you'll get a warning about this version being used with out-dated compatibility (the warning is from i-tunes not Vista).  just hit ok and i-tunes will load normally

Here's the trick

go back to i tunes.exe and right click and uncheck those two options.

i tunes will now load without the error and look normal.

So far - the black has not returned.

so I'll give myself some points here... I haven't seen this solution anywhere.

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BadLTConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
the above post is both the question and solution... until Apple provides an update with the fix.
BadLTAuthor Commented:
apparently I cannot give myself points... which i guess would be very very stupid of

well... either way I hope this helps everyone.
BadLTAuthor Commented:
LOL - wow... ok...

i wasn't really clamoring for points... i was just more concerned as marking it solved so others can see it right away but I will do your solution in the interest of assimilation.

Thanks for the quick reply.

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BadLTAuthor Commented:
i posted a community question asking for this to be closed.

BadLTAuthor Commented:
Addition to solution.

After a reboot i-tunes opened without issue.

Question PAQ'ed with refund of points.
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