receiving SMS into computer

i want to recieve sms's on my computer that i bought only for this reason.
people will send sms to vote, that means that they will send to my mobile phone sms's with short codes.
my system do not need to send back sms only to get them and procces the data...
i understood that the best way is to connect some mobile phone to the pc...ok...what next?:)
 where can i get api or shell i write all the AT command by myself?
*i need to work with GSM
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MeffConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can receive 6 to 10 SMS per minute by connecting a GSM modem or mobile phone. How many people will vote? You will need a direct access to the SMSC to handle bulk SMS. Any BAI offer at a nice tool, that supports GSM modems and/or mobile phones and direct access to SMSC as well. You can start with their SendXMS standard edition and later on move to the higher versions without to rewrite your software.
Take a look at They provide you with an incoming mobile number to receive messages to. Incoming messages can come into a mailbox (Outlook etc).
sasha85Author Commented:
i got a mobile service provider and a mobile phone i just want to connect it somehow and talk stream with the mobile phone...that means that the pc need somehow to know when sms received live time...
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there are few free apis that you can get, and maake an application using java, and use as u want.

search google to download api for
** jsmsengine
** smslib

you can send/recive sms from your phone from pc. just check their example from there.
sasha85Author Commented:
for example i got 10,000 sms at a income limit is 200 sms
the program will need to read each sms than to procces it and delete it and read the new one...

speed is highly important...may be i will need a special GSM modem and not a regular mobile phone?
it has an option to delete sms.
yeah need an special GSM modem, normal phone can't process more than 10 sms per seconds as far i know.
sasha85Author Commented:
i ment to write 1000...
i manage to get
Sierra Wireless AirCard 875U USB

i got it right here with is staring at me right now...i want to say to him something but i don't know how to communicate with this...cause i don't know what AT command i have to use...i am sure it want to say something to me:)
some one knows where i can find the AT for sierra?
so far i know they follow GSM standards commmands, you can google it.
sasha85Author Commented:
i want to get as minimum as 100 in a moment...and i tried to understand that sendxms- i understood that this is opensource that being installed on linux and send sms and not recieve?
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