checking for dbnull values - sqldatareader ordinals

Hi There,

What's the syntax for testing for sqldatareader ordinals for null?I tried something like below but it's not working.


           class.propertyname = reader.GetOrdinal("myID")== DBNull.Value ? 0 : reader.GetInt32(reader.GetOrdinal("myID"));

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sognoctConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try :
class.propertyname =  reader.IsDBNull(reader.GetOrdinal("prova")) ? 0 : reader.GetInt32(reader.GetOrdinal("myID"));
Joel CoehoornDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
Sounds like what you really want to do is have a COALESCE statement in the sql used to create the reader, to that a NULL value is never returned in the first place.
sognoctConnect With a Mentor Commented:
class.propertyname =  reader.IsDBNull(reader.GetOrdinal("myID")) ? 0 : reader.GetInt32(reader.GetOrdinal("myID"));
MrAgileAuthor Commented:
hi jcoehoorn,

I have done this already. I am just making sure that there is no way this thing is going to fall over in a nasty way.
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