Tracking what tables appear in which queries


I have tables A,B,C that need to be renamed. However they are referenced in several queries and i would need some code that would list what queries these tables appear in.

Many thanks!
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wittysloganConnect With a Mentor Commented:
USE <database name>;

from sysobjects as so
 inner join syscomments as sc
on =
where sc.text like '%tablename%'

I assume by queries you mean stored procedures?
SigmundFraudAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the swift response.

They're in some sp's but mainly in views.
Tables can be referenced directly by program code. It's hard to know what queries can be run by the various programs that connect to your database. However, if you only refer to Stored Procedures, Functions, and Views, then

select distinct object_name(id) from syscomments where text like '%tbl%'
order by 1
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It's possible that procedures are created encrypted, so this technique will not work. In that case, you will need to find a decrypter (sql2000 ones are easily found) and actually decrypt each and every proc and drop/create them unencrypted before  syscomments  will reveal anything useful.
views should be accesible using the code as well.  we are referencing the sysobjects table
SigmundFraudAuthor Commented:
Excellent solution, thanks Witty.
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