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After I Finished successfully the installation of the Exchange server 2007 in coexistence with the Legacy Exchange 2003 in our Organization (Migration Process). The Exchange 2007 is connected to the Legacy Exchange without any problem.
But I have a problem with the E-mail address policy.
In the Organization Configuration, Hub Transport, E-mail address policy, I have this Warning message:
[Get-EmailAddressPolicy Warning: There are recipient policy objects that do not contain e-mail address properties. Those policies are not shown unless you use the parameter IncludeMailboxSettingOnlyPolicy in the Get-EmailAddressPolicy command].
I run the command in the management shell  >Get-EmailAddressPolicy -IncludeMailboxSettingOnlyPolicy "NAME", but the problem still exist.

Please any help...
Thank you in advance,
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ATIGConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, that is standard, as part of the migration you will need to upgrade the policy once all your users are moved to 2007....


Do you have mailbox management policies on  your 2003 recipient policies?
mrchatilaAuthor Commented:
Yes I have a policy created in ESM 2003 Recipient for Mailbox Management, Example: Inbox > 4MB >60 days, etc...
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that is what seems to be the problem......

2007 has split recpient policy into pieces
1. accepted domains
2. EAP
3. managed foldres

I have seem problem when you have mailbox management setting on 03 ---
you can move that to the 2007 managed content settings (I just wrote a blog on it http://exchange-genie.blogspot.com)
mrchatilaAuthor Commented:
Sorry ATIG, I didn't understand how to fix this issue?
In the Organization Configuration, Hub Transport, E-mail address policy, I can view the old policy created with ESM 2003, but I cannot open or edit.
and If I don't want to use the policy created by ESM 2003?

you would have to modify it via 2003 ESM
mrchatilaAuthor Commented:
ATIG please could you explain for me more.
IF I DON"T want to use the mailbox management policies which is created by ESM 2003 on ESM 2007.
what I was saying was....

1. Exchange 2003 had mailbox management as part of the recpeint policy

that is no longer the case

Ex 2007 now uses what is called managed folder policies

if you open ex 2003 edit your recpeint policy and remove the mailbox mangement from there is will fix your error....

you can then use Ex 2007 to create the policies so it can understand them
mrchatilaAuthor Commented:
Thank ATIG, the error was fixed by removing the Mailbox Management from ESM 2003
But I have a second warning, when I click on Edit in "Email address policy" on EMC 2007.
[Unable to edit the Specified email address policy. Email address policy created with legacy version of Exchange must be upgraded using the "Set-EmailAddressPolicy" task, with the Exchange 2007 Recipient Filter Specified]
Please how can I resolve this error?

Thank you in advance.
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