Delphi 7 :: Rave Report Access Violation

Dear Experts,

Excuse me but I first want to get rid of my frustration.
What the hell is it with Delphi and their reports, first QuickReports which tend to be fuzzy and buggy
and now Rave Report which is not really that much better on that particular level...

Ok, now I feel better.

I had an event which tested a field's value and based on that it hide or showed a band.
In my database, I changed that particular field's name and then when I tried to preview my report in design mode, I received an access violation. I immediately remembered that I have made field name changes and the refreshed my Dataview in rave report to update the fields names, which it did.

I also located the event code and changed the field name to the correct name.
But I can not save or preview this report, it keeps on giving me a AV error.
"Access Violation at address 02213E5E in module 'RvEngine50.bpl' Read of Address".

I have worked nearly two days on this report and now it seems like I will have to do it all over again.
Am I just blatantly stupid or is Rave Report a little buggy?

Does anyone have some ideas on how to fix this AV?
Is there any other good free reporting components for Delphi?
Must have barcode label though.

Thanks in advance.
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SteveBayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't use Rave so I don't know any specifics, however I would try to right-click the report form and choose "View as text". Then search for your old and new field names and see if any thing is found. This may not be the answer but could help give some clue to what is going on.
Marius0188Author Commented:
And I have uninstalled and reinstalled Rave components in Delphi 7. The AV still exists.
Marius0188Author Commented:
Hi peopel,

I got it sorted.
It looks like, can not say definitely, when you have changed or even remove (clear) an events code, you need to click to compile button afterwards and then save your report.

I have cleaned all event code but did not click the compile button, although when you look at the event the code does not appear but I believe that rave report do not see the changes until you have click the compile button.

At least that is my findings under a limited time constraint.

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developmentguruConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
You are correct about needing to recompiile.  I have found form my own experiences that it can help to go to a control that has no code defined and compile there.
Marius0188Author Commented:
SteveBay, your lucky day. :)
I will give you the points seeing that you have replied first.

Marius0188Author Commented:
Mmh, now I have a problem because I when submitted my comment developmentguru's comment was not there yet.

I wil split it then.

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