Problems in DFS Replication Event ID 4202

Two Win 2003 R2 servers....Created a DFS and got an event id 4202:

Staging files are being purged prematurely because the staging quota for replicated folder Public is too small. This purging can cause excessive disk I/O and CPU usage. To avoid this problem, increase the quota of the staging folder. This has occurred 167 times in the past 72 hours. Event ID: 4202

Does not understand wha to do.. Please explain in english!
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Handersson75Author Commented:
Ok.... Perfect... Found the settings but,
1. What does this means in "english"?
2. Also which server should be change the main server or the replicated server?
1. I don't understand your question
2. on both servers
Handersson75Author Commented:
1. What have happend and why?
2. Same settings for both servers?
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