How to complain to Microsoft about Windows Vista

I have a client who, back in late Augst, purchased a Dell laptop with Vista Home Premium installed.  He couldn't be unhappier!!!  In a perfect world Microsoft would provide a copy of XP and allow him to install it on his laptop for free.  Sadly, we don't live in a perfect world.  

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to address this issue with Microsoft and come up with a possible remedy?
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wfcraven12Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can't do anything.  Complaining to MS would be just as useful as talking to a brick wall.  

So, what downgrades does Microsoft allow? Owners of the OEM editions of Vista Business and Vista Ultimate can downgrade to Windows XP Professional, including Tablet PC Edition and x64 Edition. Only the OEM editions qualify for a downgrade, so if you purchased a new PC with either Business or Ultimate preinstalled, you're in like Flynn.

Those who aren't: All users of Vista Home Basic and Vista Home Premium, and anyone who upgraded to Vista using a retail edition of any of the operating system's SKUs. You are, as they say, SOL.

The best suggestion I have is to go out to somewhere like & purchase XP Pro or Home & do a fresh install.  Just go to the Dell site & make sure the model laptop has all the necessary XP drivers.

souseranConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What model of Dell laptop did the client purchase? Was XP an available option for it? If so, have the client contact Dell sales and give them the service tag number of the unit. If XP is available as an option for that model, Dell should be able to sell them an OEM XP license which would come with all the necessary Dell drivers. Dell contact information is here:

If no go, follow wfcraven12's suggestion.
The best way to complain is not to buy any M$ products, but rather to install a Linux Distro in the future.
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Some Dells do come with Ubuntu. :-)
That's good. It should be more than just some...
CraigSNYCAuthor Commented:
So, there isn't an offical place on $soft's website to register a complaint?
As I said, the best way to "complain" is to use alternatives and not buy any m$$$$$ products. That's the only message they may understand as it is what hurts.
souseranConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could try to return Vista for a refund:

Microsoft North American Retail Product Refund Guidelines

Or you could send them feedback on this form:

Contact Us: Questions About Microsoft Products;en;1214&WS=mscom&

They *do* have a complaint form, but it's specific to the Consent Decree which comes up 404 if you click on any of the links to learn more about the actual decree:

Consent Decree Compliance Complaint Form
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