Borland Database Engine using SetConfigParameter to set NET DIR - Object not found Error

Posted on 2007-12-04
Last Modified: 2010-07-27
I'm using SetConfigParameter in Delphi 5 to set the NET DIR but get Object not found error. Here's my code:

SetConfigParameter('\program files\common files\borland shared\bde\;NET DIR','\program files\common files\borland shared\bde\');

I'm using the code for the SetConfigParameter routine from the Borland website

Question by:pauljackson5750
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Expert Comment

ID: 20404217
I think the first parameter you're supplying is no good, try adding the drive letter, i.e.
SetConfigParameter('C:\program files\common files\borland shared\bde\;NET DIR','\program files\common files\borland shared\bde\');

personally I add DBTables to my uses clause of the form, then I say

session.netfiledir := 'c:\whatever';
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Accepted Solution

rfwoolf earned 125 total points
ID: 20404255
Okay here's what I found on the borland website and implemented to change the LOCAL SHARE to true.

The first is a general procedure to make changes to the BDE:

The second calls the procedure with the parameter to be set in the BDE config file...
procedure SetConfigParameter2(Param: string; Value: string);
  hCfg: hDBICfg;
  Config: SYSConfig;
  Path, Option: string;
  ParamCount, I: word;
  pFields, pFld: pFLDDesc;
  pRecBuf, pRec: pBYTE;
  Found, SelfInitialized: boolean;
  rslt: DBIResult;
  {$Ifdef WIN32}
  hCfg := nil;
  pFld := nil;
  pRec := nil;
  Found := False;
  SelfInitialized := False;
    if Pos(';', Param) = 0 then
      raise EDatabaseError.Create('Invalid parameter passed to function.  There must ' +
         'be a semi-colon delimited sting passed');
    Path := Copy(Param, 0, Pos(';', Param) - 1);
    Option := Copy(Param, Pos(';', Param) + 1, Length(Param) - Pos(';', Param));
    rslt := DbiGetSysConfig(Config);
    if rslt <> DBIERR_NONE then
      if rslt = DBIERR_NOTINITIALIZED  then // Engine not initialized error...
        SelfInitialized := True;
    (* DbiOpenConfigFile is defined as such:
        function DbiOpenConfigFile (            { Open/Create configuration }
              pszDirPath    : PChar;            { Directory }
              bCreate       : Bool;             { TRUE to create/overwrite }
        var   hCfg          : hDBICfg           { Handle to config }
                           ): DBIResult stdcall; *)
    Check(DbiOpenConfigFile(Config.szIniFile, FALSE, hCfg));
    (* DbiCfgGetRecord is defined as such:
        function DbiCfgGetRecord (              { Get a record }
              hCfg          : hDBICfg;          { Config Handle/NULL }
              pszCfgPath    : PChar;            { Path }
        var   iFields       : Word;             { Returned nbr of fields }
              pfldDesc      : pFLDDesc;         { Field descriptors }
              pRec          : Pointer           { Field values }
                           ): DBIResult stdcall; *)
    { Call it without the field and record buffer to get the count... }
    Check(DbiCfgGetRecord(hCfg, PChar(Path), ParamCount, nil, nil));
    pFields := AllocMem(ParamCount * sizeof(FLDDesc));
    pFld := pFields;
    pRecBuf := AllocMem(10000);
    pRec := pRecBuf;
    { Get the node values... }
    Check(DbiCfgGetRecord(hCfg, PChar(Path), ParamCount, pFields, pRecBuf));
    for I := 0 to ParamCount - 1 do
      if pFields^.szName = Option then
        StrPCopy(PChar(pRecBuf), Value);
        (* DbiCfgModifyRecord is defines as such:
             function DbiCfgModifyRecord (           { Modify a record }
                   hCfg          : hDBICfg;          { Config Handle/NULL }
                   pszCfgPath    : PChar;            { Path }
                   iFields       : Word;             { Nbr of fields }
                   pfldDesc      : pFLDDesc;         { Field descriptors }
                   pRec          : Pointer           { Data values }
                ): DBIResult stdcall; *)
        Check(DbiCfgModifyRecord(hCfg,  PChar(Path), ParamCount, pFld, pRec));
        Found := True;
      Inc(pRecBuf, 128);
    if Found = False then
      raise EDatabaseError.Create(Param + ' entry was not found in configuration file');
    if pFld <> nil then
    if pRec <> nil then
    if hCfg <> nil then
    (* DbiCloseConfigFile is defined as such:
           function DbiCloseConfigFile (           { Close the config file }
           var   hCfg          : hDBICfg;          { Handle }
                 bSave         : Bool;             { To save the changes }
                 bDefault      : Bool;             { To make this file the default }
                 bSaveAs16     : Bool              { To save as a 16-bit config file }
              ): DBIResult stdcall; *)
      { Close and save the config file... }
    Check(DbiCloseConfigFile(hCfg, TRUE, TRUE, FALSE));
    if SelfInitialized = True then
     raise EDatabaseError.Create('Non supported function in 16 bit');
SetConfigParameter2('\SYSTEM\INIT\;LOCAL SHARE', 'TRUE');

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Author Closing Comment

ID: 31412922
Used the session.netfiledir := getcurrentdir and it seems to work.

Many thanks

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