how to built/provide login batch script for windows based cisco VPN

Dear all experts ....

We are automating the procedure for downloading/ uploading of the file from the remote servers. During this process we need to login in windows based Cisco VPN.
My self just wondering this part of login and authenticating can also be done as part of batch script, have with user name /password details,
So that all the procedure will go smoothly without any manual intervention while transferring files, by just single click

much thanks for all in advance ..

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freymishConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You might want to close this out eh?
go to a DOS prompt and CD into the cisco systems/vpn client dir.  Type in vpngui /?

That will show you a list of switches you can use to automate the login.
mansur_mcaAuthor Commented:
this worked well ...  much appreciated
thanks again ...
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