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I am creating a batch file to transfer a vb6 executable.  I need to know if the file is open in order to run the batch.  ie. if they are in the executable and using it exit out of the batch, if the exe is not running then i want to do the copy.  is there any way from within a dos batch you can tell if a file is running?
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BillDLConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What version of Windows will this be run on?

If Windows XP, you could do something like this to get a list of running programs at the command line and redirect to a *.txt file, and then use the Find command to search for the specific program file name in the text file.  The error code zero returned by the Find command indicates success, and 1 means failure to find the name of the executable in the list of running programs.

This is the commented file.  Just delete all the echoed prompts and pause commands and add your commands in the success section.  Just change the file name against the SET line to test, ie. test with a bogus filename, and then test with a correct one before using the code.  You can use the %PROGNAME% variable in your COPY command too, eg.
copy %PROGNAME% C:\Windows\System32

@echo off
set PROGNAME=YourVBfile.exe
tasklist > %TEMP%\tasks.txt
find /i "%PROGNAME%" %TEMP%\tasks.txt > nul
if errorlevel 1 goto :ERR
echo The error code %errorlevel% indicates success
echo The executable %PROGNAME% is not running
echo Copying VB exe file to destination ...
goto :end
echo The error code %errorlevel% indicates failure
echo The executable %PROGNAME% is running, or there
echo was some other error with the Find command.
echo Aborting process ...
goto :end
del %TEMP%\tasks.txt > nul

If you have Windows 9x, then there will probably be a way to capture a list of running programs, but I will have to think about this.
Shanmuga SundaramConnect With a Mentor Director of Software EngineeringCommented:
As far as I know, it is not possible to check whether the file is running. Eventhough if the file is in running, why dont you copy that file. Are you facing any issues while copying while the file is running?
Shanmuga SundaramDirector of Software EngineeringCommented:
if required, write a vb code using api. Store the running exe filename in a separate text file and then check for the files before copying and try.
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Fraser_AdminAuthor Commented:
yes it will not copy the file if it is running.

i could just create a text file when the file is opened and close when it is closed or something.  i will try that.
Could you use tasklist to do this?
@echo off
set progName=my.exe
set found=N
for /f "tokens=*" %%a in ('tasklist ^| findstr /i "%progName%" 2^>NUL') do set found=Y
if "%found%"=="Y" echo Found %progName%
if not "%found%"=="Y" echo Did not find %progName%

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Please ignore my post. I didn't see Bill's post and his does the same thing.
..... but not quite so professionally or eloquently as your code Steve.  Mine's always old and chunky from only being used to using DOS 7 :-)  Good that we were on the same wavelength though.

Thanks Fraser. Glad you found something of use.  There is something I remembered about the exit (return) codes for the FIND command that you may wish to bear in mind.  It can return an errorlevel code of 2 as well as a zero and 1.  Stick in another IF Errorlevel check for 2 and a Goto to cover the code 2 for completeness if you wish.

0  - Completed successfully (at least one match)
1  - Completed successfully but no matches found
2  - Did not complete due to an error (eg. file not found)
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