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On a Windows 2003 Network I'm trying to share folder.
I have a shared folder(Folder A) which 3 (User 1, User 2, User 3) users have full access to and all folders inside that folder.
Inside Folder A there is another folder (Folder B) which i want 2 other users (User 4, User 5) to have access to but not the other folders in Folder A.
Is this possible to set up?

I tried I have given Shared Permissions and Security Permissions to Users 1, 2 and 3 for Folder A and they can access everything ok.
I tried I have given Shared Permissions and Security Permissions to Users 4 and 5 for Folder B but it won't let them access it.  Do they need to have access to Folder A as well?
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Engineer_JOConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Right click on FolderB > sharing and security> sharing > click permissions> add user4 and user5 and give them the ability to change>press Ok.

Right click on FolderB > sharing and security> security> add user4 and user5 and give them the ability to modify, read and execute >press Ok.

Try to disable the inheritance for the Folder B from Folder A (THE PARENT FOLDER).
On folder A set the advanced permissions for users 4 & 5 to transverse folder. Then on Folder B set it read/write or whatever level you want them to have.

Hope this helps
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They will need access to Folder A, but Set Folder B to not inherit parent permissions.
Right click on folder B > Sharing and Security > click on Security tab> Click on Advanced at the bottom of the Security page > Remove the check beside " inherit from parent the permission entries that apply to child objects... " > click OK.

Best Luck
harris9999Author Commented:
I now have the users with access to the folders I want them to doing as you said.
Only problem is that when User 4 tried to open a document in Folder B I get the error message:
Excel cannot access filename.xls. The document may be read-only or encrypted.
check that you gave user4 the permissions to read from folderB...check that for the shared permissions and security permissions.
harris9999Author Commented:
I have just realised that when Users 1,2,3 can't open the documents in Folder A either.  It is saying they are ared only or encrypted.
What have I done.
Would it have anything to do with the owner? I may have changed htis earlier by mistake to the administrator?
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