How do I initilize a "vector <wstring> vtws" variable?

Hi, I'm getting a "Uninitilize memory error" in a tool called Purify.  It's pointing to my varilable declared as below. How do I initilize such variable (a vector for storing wstring)?  Thank kyou.
vector <wstring> vtws
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jkrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no real need to initialize a vector, since it is a container that is filled later. If you want to, you could use

vector <wstring> vtws;

BTW, Is that the complete snippet? If so, Purify is wrong here.
lapuccaAuthor Commented:
I think that error went away.  Let me verify and get back to you.  Thank you.
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evilrixConnect With a Mentor Senior Software Engineer (Avast)Commented:
Below is the correct way to initialize it; however, since vector's have a default constructor it isn't necessary and as such Purify is being less than clever about this (I have had nothing by poor experiences using Purify!).

std::vector<std::wstring> vtws = std::vector<std::wstring>();

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>>>> (I have had nothing by poor experiences using Purify!)
I didn't use Rational Purify myself, but all meanings I heard from were similar to the above.

>>>> vector <wstring> vtws;
Nevertheless, Purify may have detected some kind of data corruption, or show some wrong variables due to 'Precompiled Header' mix-up. If the error vanished without being reproducable, I would assume an error like that rather than a fundemental Purify problem.

Regards, Alex
lapuccaAuthor Commented:
Can't use the following in the declaration in the .h file.  Got 4 errors duing compilation.
std::vector<std::wstring> vtws = std::vector<std::wstring>();
evilrixSenior Software Engineer (Avast)Commented:
Well yes, that would make sense :) You shouldn't defining things in your header file, this is what .cpp files are for. .hpp files are for declarations.
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