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I am writing a paper over Philip Dick's "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" and I am having a hard time finding sources.  I am required to have print sources, and my issue that I am writing about is artificial intelligence.  The catch is that it has to deal with the issue from the time the book was written, in 1968.  I have found plenty from today, but can't find anything from back then.
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Try the three laws of robotics from Issac Asimov's I, Robot
Didn't make as good a movie as Blade Runner but is contemporary and good on AI
Milestones in the Development of Artificial Intelligence
down the page you see publications and events for the late 60's onward.
speech recognition was a topic back then.

............These publications cover six projects that involved Shakey and associated AI efforts.
(Shakey is now on display at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California).
Application of Intelligent Automata to Reconnaissance [March 17, 1966, to December 5, 1968].
Research on Intelligent Automata [August 7, 1968, to November 7, 1969].
Research and Applications  Artificial Intelligence [October 7, 1969, to October 7, 1970]
Research and Applications  Artificial Intelligence [October 8, 1970, to October 7, 1971]
Artificial Intelligence  Research and Applications [October 8, 1971, to October 9, 1973]
Artificial Intelligence  Research and Applications [October 10, 1973, to October 9, 1975]
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For an academic study try: John McCarthy and Pat Hayes  - "Some Philosophical Problems from the Standpoint of Artificial Intelligence"  1969 (
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the 6 links did not they are on this page.


Thank you, all of those are great.  I was wondering if you could find any papers concerning the social affects of early development of AI and the public's perception of these things.  I will go ahead and bump the points up to 500 so I can split it appropriately.
<<<social affects of early development of AI >>>

There aren't any because there was no AI.  Back then, people tended to think it was a simpler problem than it is.  It's one of the few areas of science where progress was much slower than expected.

<<<the public's perception of these things>>>

It's very interesting that fiction is little changed in this area.  People have an ideal that isn't really reachable and so the reality of current AI hasn't altered the fictional version much.

Here's a good resource for exploring themes:
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Milestones in development of Artificial Intelligence is good reference, bit sad that Alan Turing died twice though.

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