How to pass Text that inserted on Text Field to the Text field on other page?

There is 2 page of html. 1st one is is index.html
let say the Text Field like

                            <input name="stock" type="text" id="password2" size="1" />
                             <input name="password22" type="text" id="password22" size="1" />
                             <input name="password23" type="text" id="password23" size="1" />

For Example i input : WWW2
i wish it could be apper on Text Field on page2.html when i hint summit button on index.html

any one has a good idea? Thanks for you help.. please reply me Urgent :)

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ZylochConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When the user submits your form in index, it should have its action set to page 2. It will pass the form variables in the $_POST or $_GET array (depending on your form method), and you can access them in page 2 that way.

This means in page 2, anywhere in your HTML code (in this case inside the value attribute of your text field), you can insert <?php echo $_POST['NAME']; ?> where you replace NAME with the name of the form field in index that you want to copy.
Say you are trying to put whatever is in the stock field into page 2. Use PHP (so either name the page .php and run it on a PHP compatible server or configure your server to parse .html as PHP), and you would then just do something like:

<input type="text" value="<?php echo $_POST['stock']; ?>" />

in page 2. Of course, change $_POST to $_GET if your form method is get, but otherwise, that is the general gist.
aliccaAuthor Commented:
Thanks but can u state it clearly? am understand what u talking about. can u give example?
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Well, the code snippet I gave was the example. Are you using PHP at all?
aliccaAuthor Commented:
yes, but not really pro on php..

did i need to declear where am get the POST from? in page2
aliccaAuthor Commented:
can plz give me a example of code of


so that would be easy
thanks man i would be very appreciate your help
aliccaAuthor Commented:
this 500 of solution point gona be yours :)
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