Unable to integrate Oracle with Active Directory

I am trying to integrate an Oracle 10g Database server into Active Directory, for naming.  I am using http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B19306_01/win.102/b15688/active_dir.htm as my guide.  

I've extended the schema and created the OracleContext container, created the ldif file (as per the documentation) and run it with ldapmodify -h <ad hostname> -Z -f adDisplaySpecifiers_us.ldif (it told me the entries already exist).

I can see the OracleContext object in Active Directory Users & Computers, but none of the icons or property pages are registered, so I can't administer from there.  Also, when I try to view the properties of an object under the OracleContext, I am told that:

    The Active Directory object could not be displayed
    Unable to view attribute or value.  You may not have permissions to view this object.

As the Administrator, I should have permissions -- what more do I need to do?

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jimbobmcgeeAuthor Commented:
Found my solution to this; the dsHeuristics value didn't take.  
I set it to 0000002 again and it seemed to work.
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