Transferring Video from a Sony DCR-TRV27 to my XPS M170 Laptop

I am trying to transfer the video from my camcorder onto my laptop. I installed the included software OmniFlash Drivers and have a USB cable connected - I have the USB on the menu of my digital camera set to on. My laptop did find new hardware when I installed the driver but I can not see the camera on my laptop
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Eric AKA NetminderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Most of the camera software I have seen (Kodak and Canon) does not require the use of an intermediate connection. What happens when you connect your laptop directly to the camera? Do that while the camera is off, and then turn it on.

Michelle_PublicAuthor Commented:
Hi ericpete - broke my camera over the weekend - so guess it is a mute point.
Thanks for your help
Michelle_PublicAuthor Commented:
Eric AKA NetminderCommented:
You're welcome, although you should probably ask the Mods to delete this question; I didn't really answer it, and don't deserve the points for it.
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