How to Block certain attachment types in Exchange.

I've looked at answers to similar questions on EE and I suspect the anwer is going to be something 3rd Party, but can anyone recommend a good solution to the problem of wanting to block the sending and receivng of certain attachments?

We have a problem with people sending (large) video files in emails and the solution would be to just block these if possible. Are there any good products that can bolt on to Exch 2003 that can handle this?
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Dave StringfellowConnect With a Mentor IT managerCommented:,289483,sid43_gci1052365,00.html

says you cannot do it, but SBS does let you do it, and there is also defaul files that are blocked. see so i guess there is a way to customise it.
dannewtonAuthor Commented:
Hi -this gave me some info to think about so I'll give you the points. Many thanks.
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