Unable to restore data from Backup Exec B2D files on a new server


I am trying to restore data from backup to disk files on a new server. I have cataloged the data successfully (once i switched off the "Use storage media-based catalogs" option) but every time I then try to restore data i get a message "The selected media was not found in the catalogs. You must  first catalog the media if you want to use it for restore operations".

Can anyone help with this as I have rerun the catalog operation several times successfully?
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GFCUConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You and me both.

So what was the difference between the 1st and 2nd time?  Just a different dataset?

Also, I guess that I am a little confused, so you have two servers, both running BE11d (or one w/ be11d and the other with be11d remote agent), and the 1st one is restoring to the 2nd one?

Or just one restoring to itself??? idk
After you catalog the tape, can Restore read the files and folders?
Did you try NTBackup (also need to catalog first)

I have been using BE for many years...it does have its weird quirks.
tumblestormAuthor Commented:
Post a successfully catalog operation I can right click and select restore data, at which point I get the "The selected media was not found in the catalogs......" message.

I'll try the NTBackup option now.
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Strange...I wonder if the tape itself is damaged...not so damaged that catalog cannot get the file names...but damaged enough so that BE cannot read the data!!

Let me know what NTBACKUP reports...
I will be out for the next several hours, however.
tumblestormAuthor Commented:
I can get the bkf off the tapes without any problems. I have then cataloged the bkf files on a seperate server which completes successfully. However, if I then try to restore data from the bkf files I am told that the media is not in the catalog.......Rather frustrating to say the least. Feels like I am going in an endless loop......
tumblestormAuthor Commented:
Eventually I ended up building a seperate "restore" server and manullay cataloging the tapes on that. Eventually got the data back.

I am having this same type of issue.  It sounds as though you may be able to help me, if you don't mind....

I have my live network and a test network.  I have taken a backup of an entire server on the live system and I would like to be able to restore that entire backup onto a test server.  I have a newly setup test domain and newly setup BE11d on the DC.  That all works great.  I am able to catalog the media that I want to restore from just fine (with or without the "Use storage media-based catalogs" selected).  However when I go to devices, right-click the media and select restore; the restore screen comes up with the error:

"The selected media was not found in the catalogs.  You must first catalog the media if you want to ust it for restore operations."  

I did see that the catalog data has been moved to the server correctly.  I am just not sure what you mean by you built a separate "restore server".  Did you load BE 11d on the secondary server and maybe select some type of retore mode?  

Sorry for the long letter.  If you don't feel like answering that's alright, I can post the way that EE says to.  Your help is greatly appreciate, Thank You!
tumblestormAuthor Commented:
I did indeed build a second server (twice in fact :)) Second time I got the install correct and managed to do the catalog (direct from tape) and then restored immediately. Curiously when repeating this operation for a second time for a different dataset i did the catalog and started the restore but had to abort half way through. When i got round to restarting the restore operation I was back to "The selected media was not found in the catalogs.  You must first catalog the media if you want to ust it for restore operations." ......

I have downloaded BE12 onto my test BE server today and am looking forward to seeing how badly this version is written....I have so little faith in Symantec these days.
tumblestormAuthor Commented:
I have one in our production environment with an LTO library attached. The server in the test environment uses our old DLT library.

I have no idea why it worked the first time but not the second time. I got so fed up with the situation that, once I had the data the user required, I moved onto other issues.......
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