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Posted on 2007-12-05
Last Modified: 2013-12-16
I have a machine running some version of Linux. It seems to be a very minimal install.
I need to take some data files off the machine, but I cannot mount a USB thumb drive.
I can access the internet with ping, so I thought I might avail myself of some update.
How can I update the machine - with Samba, for example, so I can connect to it.
Very new to Linux:-)
Question by:SIL-Mozambique
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Which Linux distro is it?
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In debian distros like ubuntu you would "apt-get install <package>", so "apt-get install samba" to install samba.  In redhat/fedora/other yum distros you would "yum install samba".

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ID: 20417605
mention your linux distro and quite better version
there are many issues including dns resolving issue
so check it by ping
if it reply u very fine

if you are using redhat based distro then first check that yum is installed in it by giving the command
#rpm -qa | gep yum
if it found, very well else you will install it by command
rpm -i yum-version-**
when  you install it
then u update the package yum update samba
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ID: 20418159
arrkerr1024 - I tried apt-get, and it runs - so I guess I have Debian.
After it finds all its missing dependencies, it tries to begin the download.
However, I get errors. Tries to connect to, says downloading headers, and then....

Err unstable/main libgpg-error0 1.2-1
404 Not Found [IP: 80]

An then it repeats this for many packages.

At one point, it downloaded something, but then said incomplete download, and now am stuck
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ID: 20420804
Yikes... unstable?  Try an "apt-get  update" first, that should pull in the latest list, then do the "apt-get install xxxxx".

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I did apt-get update, and let it crank away a couple of days (internet connections aren't the best)
Seemed to work fine.
I did apt-get install samba, and it wanted an upgrade to libcupsys2
I did apt-get install libcupsys2, and let it crank away for a while.
Once again, apt-get install samba, and I get more unmet dependencies.
Says try apt-get -f install to fix these.

So I get the following messages:
The following extra package will be installed:
The following package will e upgraded:
1 upgraded,...
5 not fully installed or removed
<some extra messages>
Do you want to continue? Y
Preparing to replace libc6 2.3.6-9.....
<stuff about stopping services, ending with the mesage no services need to be stopped>
Do you want to upgrade glibc now?

No a bunch of lines scroll by rather quickly, the last bunch say
Readlink: invalid option --e
This is repeated a number of times.

Then a Warning: POSIX threads library NPTL requires kernel version 2.6.8 or later

How do I know what kernel I have?

Then it stops, error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libc6_2.7-4_i386.deb (-- unpack)

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Check your /boot folder. The Kernel versions of your system should be viewable there by looking at the file versions listed there.

You may have to upgrade your system with apt-get upgrade.

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ID: 20462772
rindi, if you ream my message, the first line says - I did apt-get update.
To tell me to do it again, is not helpful.

Author Comment

ID: 20462784
Sorry, rindi. I didn't read upgrade, thought it said update. Will do.
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Accepted Solution

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You're in for one heck of a download at this point, especially if the upgrade is going to be big.  If you just need to get some data off of this machine I'd recommend you download the ubuntu CD which runs the whole OS from the CD, and from that just mount your hard drive and your usb flash drive and copy the data off.  I'd go with the upgrade if you wanted to use the machine, but it sounds like you don't.  And if you did I would probably pick a distro that is easier to use for people that are new to linux.  And you could be one something REALLY old (what does a "uname -a" say, and a "cat /etc/issue"?).

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ID: 20485194
Hi arrkerr1024
I seem to get stuck at one point. I have done apt-get update, and apt-get upgrade
I get one error, exactly as in my earlier post.
When it is trying to upgrade libc6 from 2.3.6 to libc6 2.7, it gets an error
readlink invalid option --e
Indeed, typing readlink --help, there is no --e option, so which script has this error?
I have tried various other routes, like apt-get -f install, and it still gets stuck on that script.

I found the libc6.preinst script. It has readlink -f, but nor -e so maybe the error message isn't accurate.
I am at a loss how to continue.

By the way, this is a working machine. It is managing our wireless using chillispot. I wanted to set up another machine, and install it, so that I could understand the setup. But I would have to transfer the database, because it contains all the accounting information. To upgrade is fine with me, if it would work

Author Comment

ID: 20540431
Anybody able to help me with this?

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