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I was trying to create a Group Policy ADM so that all users would have the same font, Arial 11.
However, after doing some research, it seems this is not possible through ADM. Anything I've found has something along this lines:
"customized template and roll it out to all clients"

I don't get this. What must I actually do?
Initially, this setup will be for all users of a terminal server, but I'd like the same setup for fat clients as well.
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oldPCguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The default document template is located in C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates

You can open this file and edit it with Word - setting the properties you want. You will want to make sure you save it a a document template (*.dot). The method I would use to distribute it to everyone would be to copy it to the /netlogon share of a DC and write a batch command to copy it to each users drive.

Hope this helps.
jdhackettAuthor Commented:
Hmm. So it would copy every time a user logs in?
Actually, thats probably not a bad idea. That way the latest version of will always be on each pc.
You could have it copy everytime a user logs in - or write the script to include a method of checking to see if it has already been copied down - for instance, when I have used logon scripts to copy files - I included a file called updated.txt - or something simple like that. I would have the script check to see if the update.txt file exists on the local pc - ie: if exist "c:\%path%\updated.txt" goto end

In this situation, I would just let it copy - especially it this is something you are going to be modifying repeatedly.
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jdhackettAuthor Commented:
May do that script method. After all, I wouldn't want to overwrite if the user had already changed, say set up printer margins or something.

Where does come from? In this case, I'm adding loads of new users to a terminal server. Could I change so that it has the settings I want before it is created for each user?
The is installed with Office. I have not tried this myself but I would think you could modify the in the installation source - (after making a backup of course) As far as TS users, I think if you modify the in the application folder - this is copied to each of the users profiles the first time they run Office from a TS session.
jdhackettAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Have it working, took these steps:
1) Create a Normal.Dot they way you want it
2) Be sure to remove any user info in Tools/Options
3) Copy to the Winword.exe folder. If there is in the user folder, Office next looks here
4) If the user already has, delete it

When user open word, will get prompted for name and initials. will now be the customised version.
It would be good to have this script? anyone have one?
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