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I have several PC that are used to check some USB modems, so every time a modem is checked is connected to the PC and after alot of modems are check, and if by some reason you restart the PC, it will go to the "SYSTEMced" error...

Now my question is... is there something to clear the register of all the unistalled modems??? besides going one by one on the hardware wizard... you know...

Uninstall/Unplug a device... Uninstall a device... show hidden devices...

I have downloaded a ton of "clean register" software but they all suck!!! non see no unistalled devices and so no "clean" is done...

Am I screw??? I mean, I have the image with ghost, but, I'm tired of doing it every two times a week... and sometimes 4 machines at a time... that sucks!!!

and if there is a faster solution can it be automatized???
My name is MudSystems EngineerAsked:
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GUEENConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Why don't you just run regedit and grant permission on that particular key to delete?
Then create a batch file to delete the key from regedit32?

Create a vanilla image to test hardware and don't test hardware on a soiled system.  Partition your hdd and keep that image on the other partition then you can re image often.

Follow these guidelines on deleting registry entries.
My name is MudSystems EngineerAuthor Commented:
>>Advanced on this subject.

Ahhhh crap... I thought the advance tag was for the question... not my status... Prrrrtttt...
captainConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi wb

It is a pain, and you will have to work with restore points or mess with deleting the control sets from the registry. Registry cleaners just provided hit & miss functionality and may cause more chaos than good. I am happy to be told otherwise but have yet to find one that doesn't cause havoc. So if you are a beginner then you may not want to mess around with the registry because of danger to cause chaos yourself and as an advanced it may be just too cumbersome...

So what are the options?

IMO the best thing to do is to bullet proof your PC with a HDGUARD license. (

This allows you to have a configured PC as you like it, install and activate HDGUARD and reboot. From now on all the changes you make are only happening in a virtual system, although the PC pretends to do this for real. All the effects of installing something and removing configuring, whatever you do, all appears as you would expect. But next time you reboot your machine all is back to normal...

Any changes you have made will be gone. I have bought one because I was sick of reinstalling bits of system or software on my sons PC as he is to young to know what he is pressing and it works a treat.

In priciple you could format and fdisk and the system appears like it is doing it, reboot and all is good.

Is probably $20-25 but worth every penny.

Good luck
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kenesoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>IMO the best thing to do is to bullet proof your PC with a HDGUARD license.

Agree with it, I personally use this, which is at hardware level:

>>It is a pain, and you will have to work with restore points

I don't think win2K has restore functions.

missed the W2k bit just followed the link without looking at the TA, doh, so registry hack it is then...

The HDGUARD I use is pure software, not a card so no messing with hardware.

Either way you have a route out. HDGUARD do a trial software as well which may be enough for your needs as it is fully functional but not password protectable...try it it is fantastic.


_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Look to see if the modems are listed here:

The main problem with deleting that, it that the USB will usualy need to reintall the next boot. (I think. It's been awile)

If no, see if you can find them somewhere under:

My name is MudSystems EngineerAuthor Commented:
You are welcome dear :)
Thank you much.   : )
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