installing new harddrive in ibm machine without old hd available

I am installing a new Maxtor 300GB HD in an IBM machine P4 1GB Ram computer 3 yrs old. The computer ran fine 1 week ago with the old HD. Owner took out the original HD and gave me the machine.
I've tried 2 different brand new HD with the same result. It seems the Bios realizes that it is a new HD and won't accept it.
Please explain what I must do to get the machine to accept the new HD. Thanks.
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Make sure the bios is set to AUTOdetect the hard drive.
you could try and flash the bios to a newer version, some old bios's don't take large drives.
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Can you elaborate on what you mean by "won't accept it"?  Is this IDE and on a cable by itself jumpered properly?  You might check that in the bios the drive is set to auto.
More info on the computer would help. There should be a part number or machine number on a tag that would give us a starting point.
agapecapAuthor Commented:
IDE. cable by itself. jumper set to cable select, also tried master.
Bios set to auto. detects HD. tried all available options in HD bios.
replaced ide cable
agapecapAuthor Commented:
IBM machine type 6823, model 22U, NetVista
Ran diagnostic cd with the Maxtor HD. All Maxtor diagnostics Good as well as ran Format from Maxtor disk.
160GB HD was the original and previous drive.
How do I flash Bios without a HD installed?
You can load the flash utility and data on a bootable floppy (if it happens to have a floppy drive).  But, I'm still missing what the symptom of the problem is.  You say the bios detects the drive properly and you're trying to do a new install of windows?
Reset the BIOS by disconnecting the box from the power cable.  Then remove the BIOS battery for 30 seconds then replace the battery and reboot.
This should reset the BIOS.  Then go into the BIOS setup and check that the defaults are reset.
MarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is the troubleshooting guide for the hard drive installation and BIOS recognition issues
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