Event Viewer and Tools like Check Now and DefragMent Now does not work.

I have new Compaq 8510 w laptop in a windows 2000 domain. It is running windows Xp Pro spk2 and it'
s up to date on all microsoft patches. The user on the machine is also a member of the local admin group. Recently, it has been observed that Event viewer, Check Now and Defragment Now no longer works. I've run a repair using the recovery console using chkdsk /p /r but this has not resolved the issue. Any are there any other approaches besides reinstalling the OS?
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and235100Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Run the scan again - to make sure your system is okay after those files were replaced.
Otherwise - browse to C:\Windows\system32 and rename eventvwr.exe and eventvwr.msc with a ".old" extension.
Then download - and copy these ones to C:\Windows\system32

Reboot - then see if that makes any difference.
Otherwise - you can remove the .old extensions on the old ones of this makes no difference.

Run a repair install:

This will leave your programs and data intact - you will just need to re-download and reinstall the critical Windows Updates that are available.
Hi, what happens when you try to run Event Viewer?
In any case, you should try System File Checker before you do a repair install.
Click Start, run then type
sfc /scanonce
and click ok.
Good luck.
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sfc /scannow is a better option. It starts the scan straight away.
More info:
You will need a windows CD.
that was a careless slip.
sfc /scannow is indeed the best option.
cheyligerAuthor Commented:
I ran sfc /scannow from the run box and it did go to completion. During the process it asked for the Xp CD and did copy a missing or corrupted .dll from it. The tools such Scan Now and Defragment Now do work. However, Event viewer still does not work. When I attempt to open the Event Viewer I get this message: "the MMC cannot open the file C;\windows\system32\eventvwr.msc"
just to be sure, was that not a colon?
Did it not read:
cheyligerAuthor Commented:
John you are correct,  it read c:\windows\system32\eventvwr.msc
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