Login Script Authentication Issue


Our users currently use a batch script that is configured on each active directory profile that runs at each logon.

The script is below:

@echo off

net use /delete g:
net use /delete f:
net use /delete h:
net use /delete p:
net use /delete n:

net use f: \\nyc.chelseacom\Data\Files
net use h: \\nyc.chelsea.com\Data\Files\%username%
net use i: \\Ftp-vpm-sql10.nyc.firtree.com\IBSI

net time \\nyc.firtree.com.nyc.firtree.com /set /y

I have an issue that happens randomly. Sometimes the script would halt and say " please enter username for nyc.chelsea.com" then you would have to enter your username, it would then ask for the password, you would have to do this twice.

I have no seen a pattern but sometimes the logon script halts at this point and users just "x" out of the box and the drives do not map.

Please advise as to what could be causing this issue.


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Configure your group policy to wait for the network prior to running scripts:

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Logon\ Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon

Here's more information:

Crucio666Author Commented:
thanks so much, i just enabled this, i will test for a few days and see if it works.
Crucio666Author Commented:
the same thing just happened after enabling this =/
Hey, good luck with the problem. In the future you'll get so much better support when you always grade using an A.
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