Gridview.rows.count ASP.NET 2.0

Ok, I have Gridview.Rows.Count to count my results. The problem is this: I have paging enabled... Where only the first 20 results are displayed per page. So there's possibly 8 pages of data (160-180) results but it only displays it found "20 results" for a textbox I have set up. How do I fix this? Thanks, Chris.
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if the above did not help you then you can have this

If sqldatasource.datasourcemode=dataset then

        Dim dr As Object
        dr = SqlDataSource1.Select(New System.Web.UI.DataSourceSelectArguments)

But if datasourcemode=datareader, then the only way to find out is to scroll to the eof.
if you need all records then you need to use the ReturnValue of the ObjectDataSourceStatusEventArgs or
SqlDataSourceStatusEventArgs while handling the datasource's Selected event.
Look at this sample for the code

try this.

// If your datasource is DataSet

DataSet ds=new DataSet();

ds=GetRecords(); // Retrieveing records from database

lblRecords.Text=ds.Tables[0].Rows.Count; // this is your label displaying total records


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jumpstart0321Author Commented:
Ok, here's what I have:
A Gridview1 on my Default.aspx and a
SqlDataSource1 using a dataset.
All of this being made in the gui with an exception to the SQLDataSource Select query.
Considering the dataset isn't specifically declared in code, how do I reference the dataset if I never even gave it a name?
I have the gridview automatically populated on the Page_load event by declaring the select statement based on whatever is in the QueryString results.
I don't want to re-call the SELECT statement, because I would then have double the processing time which I can't afford. Thanks, Chris.
here is answer that you are looking for ..
jumpstart0321Author Commented:
Thanks man, it was hell:)
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