How can I find a HP Deskject 895cse printer driver for windows 98?

I downloaded file "dj868en.exe" but it is "0kb" & doesn't do anything when double-clicked. I forget what web site I got it from. I think & link. Both were the same. My good friend doesn't use her pc enough to get a new one (yet) and has limited funds. Even if she gets a new prtr, it might be hard to find one compatible with Win98. Thanks!!
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AprilW5Author Commented:
HP web site says the driver is no longer avail, see size: 0 bytes, version N/A
Microsoft Windows 98  
Driver: »   HP Products - Software Downloads and Replacement CDs Are No Longer Available for Windows 98, 98 SE, and Me      Version:     N/A    -  Size     0 bytes    

willcomp:when I download the file from - again it is 0KB with the same file name. This time I tried to open it on a Win98 in my house & it says "... is not a valid Win32 Application"

1) is there either another place to get the driver that's not 0 KB OR...
2) how can I know what files are needed to copy all the driver files from the previous Windows 98 pc that the printer WAS attached to before? (That PC was having some problems so it had to be replaced, but it is still accessible.)


Dr-4NConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I uploaded the driver to this site click on the link, choose free download, wait 60 seconds, give the given code and click download
AprilW5Author Commented:
I successfully downloaded the driver at It had a size of about 3MB so right there that looks good. I will update you on whether it worked on not Friday night. Thank you.
AprilW5Author Commented:
It worked! Thank you all.
You're welcome.
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