Does MS Access(2003) have a counterpart to the IPMT Function in Excel?

I am trying to calculate the amount of interest due (on Mortgages) for a list of loans that all have different origination dates, interest rates etc. for a given month.  The idea would be that as each "first of the month" approached, I would be able to see what the interest due is on each loan in the list for that month.  This is easy to do in Excel because Excel has a Financial function that calculates it.  Does MS Acces have a similar Function?
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puppydogbuddyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
MS ACCESS has the same function.  See IPMT on this function list:
It looks to me like it exists in Access.  I think if you make a new query and put your formula in the field box and then switch to the data view, it will calculate the field for you.
Hubbsjp21Author Commented:
Thanks for the link.
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