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Add iMac to Windows 2003 AD Domain

I have a 2003 AD domain that I need to add one (1) iMac to.  How do I do this?
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You cannot add a Macintosh computer to a Windows domain per se (well, not a Mac running Mac OS anyway :-)).  You'll have to create a user account in the domain for the person using the Mac in question.  Whenever the mac attempts to access a Windows network resource, they will be prompted for a username and password, which can be added to the keychain.

There is no "Active Directory" equivalent in the Macintosh world (or in any other in face).  It is a Microsoft proprietary technology.
Oops, I meant "fact" in that last posting, not "face".  :-)
I think you are looking for network authentication, which is possible.

First, to correct cuziyq, there are a couple different methods of applying network management to OS X machines - the first being Apple's OpenDirectory server, and another being Microsoft's own Active Directory with OpenDirectory schema extensions.

But, since the you're probably only after network logins, do the following:

For Mac OS 10.4.x
1. Open Applications -> Utilities -> Directory Access
2. Click the lock in the lower left and authenticate as a local administrator
3. Check the box for Active Directory and click Configure.
4. Enter the name of your domain, and the name of the object to which the machine will be bound. Click Bind.
5. Authenticate with a directory account with permission to bind to the specified object. If the object does not already exist in AD, you will need to specify the directory path to the object in the Computer OU field.
6. Watch the binding magic happen.
7. Logout and login using a network account.

For Mac OS 10.5
1. Open Applications -> Utilities -> Directory Utility
2. Click the lock in the lower left and authenticate as a local administrator
3. Click Show Advanced Settings and go to the Services tab
4. Do steps 3-7 from the 10.4 instructions.

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