What causes severe paper jamming on HP 9100 series inkjet printer?

On an HP 9100 series (the 9120) inkjet printer we have nothing but paper jams. Perhaps one out of ten sheets of paper will print. This printer used to work just fine, then got to jamming half of all jobs. Now it jams even doing its own diagnostic page. It hasn' t really had that much use, so I don't see how the rollers would be worn down (28,000 pages over two years). We've cleaned the rollers and checked every single area we can reach. Nothing helps. HP says they don't repair these machines since "it isn't worth it..." but would be delighted to ship me a new one for $250 (the original unit was close to $1,000. That doesn't seem to be a good deal. Any suggestions? Other than tossing it out and starting with someone else's....we still have a lot of cartridges to be used!
thanks, WA/NY
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waring_abbottConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
OK -- I've worked on this problem for way more time than it merited.

Here is what I did: roughed up the rollers, it had no effect.

Checked the paper path over and over, results zilch. Bought another unit for the rear (the part that turns the paper) - zero.

Swapped this printer with HP for a refurbished identical version. Still jams. In fact, right now I'm trying to print about 150 pages of one document. We're on our third day of "printing two pages, unjamming one" over and over again.

And by the way, it is not the paper. We've used every brand around here, including HP's own paper. And Satan has not cursed our office since another HP printer (the HPd125) prints both sides of a sheet just fine. And the three-day 150pp job is not both sides, just one side. It can't even handle that....

Why are we still trying to use the HP9100? Because it cost almost $1,000, we have a ton of cartridges for it, and we believe in trying to get our money's worth....something we sure don't get here at EE. We pay about $140 a year to belong and  most of our questions are never answered or we get constantly nagged to close out "open" questions.

Oh and by the way, why did we switch to the refurbished printer if ours was such a lemon? Becasue HP said there was no such thing as "repair" service for the HP9100 so our only option was to pay $250 to trade this one for a "better" one (that would work). That would be my own stupidity -- throwing good money after bad. Next time I'll just toss it in the dump....

So how is that for feedback????
Most of the time a paper jam IS affiliated with worn rollers.  I have been able to take a knife and scuff up some of the slick worn ones, to get more life out of them.  Where it is jamming will let you know which set of rollers it is near.
check the complete printer path - maybe something interferes.  But most likely rollers, as said.
If you have a good access, you can rough them with a pencil eraser, or sanding paper
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i would like some feedback
sorry if things went so bad - you seem to have a ghost in the printer.
in such casesn i start the print, and open the printer (which stops the printing) at different times, to check where the fault occurs, in the in feed, turn-over, or printing section. that usually helps determining what needs to be done.
>>  So how is that for feedback????   <<   you must understand, if you give no feedback, we cannot help you, since we don't know what happens.
btw - this feedback was clear and complete
waring_abbottAuthor Commented:
My feedback was clear and complete as well, even though you might not agree. By the way, let us not lose sight of the fact that I am PAYING for all this, we're not dealing with some touchie-feelie forum where we're all holding hands and singing Kumbayah. I'm paying $140 a year for help. I'm getting very little...maybe it's time to just quit. Then you will get less people like me and more Kumbayah....
Closed, 500 points refunded.
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