How to configure Cisco 2620 for failover between T1 and DSL

I have a client that has the following setup.  A T1 as the primary Internet connection terminated by the providers Adtran router and a DSL connection terminated by a DSL modem.  They want to stick the Cisco 2620 with a 4port Eth card in the middle to control routing and failover.  Will this work?  Routing is not a problem but the failover I think is.  If you just use simple route statements with a higher distance metric for the DSL it would normally work but the problem is that If the WAN side of the T1 Adtran router goes out, the Eth interface on the Cisco will still appear up thus not change the route to the DSL.  Is there any way to get this to work without the Cisco router controlling the WAN side too?
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wingateslConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Object tracking definitely. This may be a help
Just the stuff needed to get it going. DonJohnsons post is a good way to tweak it
ClearBlueTechnologiesAuthor Commented:
This worked well.  Thanks for both of your input.
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