ASP to choose between field 1 or field 2

Posted on 2007-12-05
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
Is there a way to ask a ASP script to grab an email from one field or another.

example: strform = request.form("email1") OR request.form("email2")  

or maybe use an if command, but how?

dim strfrom
if request.form("email1") = "" then use request.form("email2")
end if

depending if section 2 or section 3 is filled, i only need one email address but it can only be from if email1 box is fill or email2 box. How can I write this?
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Expert Comment

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dim strfrom
if request.form("email1") <> "" then
  strform = request.form("email1")
  strform = request.form("email2")
end if

Author Comment

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thanks what if I need to do the same but including html, like so:

dim strfrom
if Request.Form("firstname_from") & Request.Form("lastname_from") <> "" then
  strform = Request.Form("firstname_from") & "." & Request.Form("lastname_from") & "" & " <" & strReturnEmailAddress & ">"
  strform = Request.Form("firstname_to") & "." & Request.Form("lastname_to") & "" & " <" & strReturnEmailAddress & ">"
end if


Accepted Solution

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are you saying that that code doesn't work? asside from not having an open tag on either of the HTML strings, i see no problems. however personally i like assigning variables rather then pulling from the form objects repeatedly

dim email1   : email1 = request.form("email1")
dim email2   : email2 = request.form("email2")
dim cFirstFrom : cFirstFrom = request.form("firstname_from")
dim cLastFrom : cLastFrom = request.form("lastname_from")
dim cFirstTo  : cFirstTo = request.form("firstname_to")
dim cLastTo  : cLastTo = request.form("lastname_to")
dim cEmail
dim cName

if(email1<>"") then
 cEmail = email1
elseif(email2<>"") then
 cEmail = email2
end if

if(cEmail <>"") then
  if(cFirstFrom <> "" and cLastFrom <> "") Then
   cName = "<" & strReturnEmailAddress & ">" & cFirstFrom & "." & cLastFrom & "" & "</" & strReturnEmailAddress & ">"
  ElseIf(cFirstTo<>"" and cLAstTo<>"") Then
   cName = "<" & strReturnEmailAddress & ">" & cFirstTo & "." & cLastTo & "" & "</" & strReturnEmailAddress & ">"
  End IF  
End IF
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Author Closing Comment

ID: 31413045
thanks, the code works previously, but I needed to know how to put it together when having more fields with html commands.

objCDOMail.From = cEmail       would that be correct?

Author Comment

ID: 20420980
never mind the objCDOMail.From = cname

I figured it out :)

Expert Comment

ID: 20422813
yes, cEmail should work. you can also put the real name in as well [i believe it's]

objCDOEmail.From = cFirstFrom & " " & cLastFrom & "<" & cEmail & ">"
' // Bubba Gump <>

which will result in the real name being shown in the from field of most email programs.

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