incorrct image size using CSS height= and width=auto

I am building a website using CSS to define a common height to images and letting the browser decide on the width automatically.
The reason is that I have alot of pictures and I do not want to set each one in frontpage.
If you enter the any of the porducts for the first time, the height is correct but the width is not.
Press the link on the left to the same pageg - and it all sorts out ok.
Any ideas what I should do ?
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Göran AnderssonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First, get a doctype for your page.

I looked at the page in Firefox and Internet Explorer 7. The size of the images is completely different between the browsers, but I don't see the effect that you describe in any of them.

curious where you found a link to the page?
Göran AnderssonCommented:
In the tags. :)
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ggivatiAuthor Commented:
The link is "".
I am using ie 6.
thanks GreenGhost, didn't see that.


you have not yet implemented the doctype suggestion.
Forced accept.

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ggivatiAuthor Commented:
It seems the problem is in IE 6. I have written a javascript code to fix width and length of the pictures.
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