Can't access Outlook Web Access email for an account that has been disabled and enabled.

I disabled an employee's SBS2003 account when they left the company. We now need to check their old email for some attachments.

I did not delete the account, I simply disabled it so it wouldn't receive further mail and that the ex-employee would not have access to it.

I enabled it today and all the account settings are the same as any other user on the network however it is the only account that can't log on to OWA, just says the username or password is wrong. I reset the password and I am definitely typing the username correctly as other users can log on fine.

Do I have to update or refresh something after enabling the account again so that the OWA works? I can log onto the domain from an XP client machine as this user OK, it is just the OWA that isn't logging on as if the account is still disabled.

I also tried logging on from a client machine using Outlook 2003 and when configuring it for exchange it looks up the name fine and then wants to log on but it does not accept the password.

The password is definitely correct and I even reset the password to make sure it hadn't been changed.

Please tell me the mailbox hasn't been deleted when the account was disabled.

Anyone know what's gone wrong here.

I can't reboot the server for another 8 hours as too many people are replying on it, could a reboot solve this issue?

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how much time did you wait after the account was enabled?
it could be due to cached information
have you tried accessing the mailbox via outlook?
In my opinion there is an easier way to gain access to that users Mailbox.

On your AD Server go:
* Active Directory Users And Computers -> Select appropriate account -> Properties

On the "Exchange Advanced" Tab goto Mailbox Rights.
Here you can add your own account or the one whom must manage/look into the selected account.
Don't forget to give the appropriate rights.

In outlook you can then do "File -> Open -> Other Users Folder" (Could be other sentence as I'm on a Dutch XP)

Hope this can help you further.

As already hinted above - if you disable an account and then re-enable it again, it can be some time before you have access, due to the way that Exchange caches permissions. I don't disable accounts for this very reason - hide them, change the password and other security settings, but not disable them.

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jdunnillAuthor Commented:
I have tried using the full blown Outlook 2003 client software on a client machine. The account logs onto the domain ok but Outlook won't log onto the account. Like I said, it recognises the mailbox name as it underlines it when I set up the outlook profile but it won't log on with the correct password.

I enabled the account about 45 minutes ago. How long should it take to become active again?

I thought that disabling an account would only suspend it and then enabling it again would bring all the features back to life.

I can understand if there is a delay but would it take this long? Also should a server restart fix it? Like I said in the first post, I can't do one till the end of the day.

Disabling the account definitely won't have deleted the mailbox will it?

FRaccie: I have tried what you said and gave myself Read rights but when I try to open the inbox it said "Cannot display the folder. Microsoft Exchange is not available. Either there are network problems or the Exchange computer is down for maintenance".

This is incorrect as exchange is working fine for everyone today.

I could nto give myself any extra permissions to the user's mailbox as I got an error messages saying it couldn't set the permissions because I am in the same forest.

Thanks for your suggestions guys, do you have anymore ideas?
jdunnillAuthor Commented:
Sembee: So it could take many hours to work again?

I have just sent a test email to the account and it bounced back so obvious the email account is not active yet but the windows domain log on account is.

I was just in a panic that it had deleted the mailbox.

I will be sure to hide accounts in future!
disabling a mailbox does not delete the mailbox
Exchange caches permissions for around two hours. While you can change that time window, it is not recommended and will not help you with this because the change requires the Exchange services to be restarted.

jdunnillAuthor Commented:
It's back online! Thanks for your help guys. Do you mind if I divide the points up between you all as you all helped me steady the ship and I learned a few new things. Or do you feel someone should get full points?

I was just going to divide them up.
First post EVER, so points would be appreciated :p

Greetz FRaccie
jdunnillAuthor Commented:

What do you suggest I do to clean up this post? I felt all answered did help to a certain extent. I am not a regular use of EE and I have made mistakes in the past when closing questions so I am a little apprehensive when dishing out the points.
jdunnillAuthor Commented:
The account became active fully within a few hours. Thanks for the heads up! I have distributed the points between the two of you who answered the question and my sub questions. Thanks.
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