Vista screensaver diashow displays black screen

i have set my VISTA screensaver to display a diashow of my pictures, on my harddisk
it starts ok, displays pictures for 1 minute, then displays a black screen with an error :
--Screensaver diashow does not work anymore.---
i can send the details to MS (did it several times without any reaction, so i presume it simply is NOT sent; or view details, which are those :
Files that help describe the problem :

read our privacy statement:

However, those files do not exist - i have administrator privileges, and explorer is set to show hidden files
My energy saving settings are off

anybody has a clue ?
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi a couple of things come to mind, as this is Vista Business.

this part here>>>--Screensaver diashow does not work anymore.---<< sounds like a trial version has expired?
Have you run all the updates and new patches for Vista?
Another idea is that somewhere in your photo gallery there maybe some remnents of old or outdated files that may have been moved or deleted since Vista Photo gallery has the new features of tabs etc.
Renaming or deleting the .pd4 file should clean up your Photo Gallery.

Windows Live Photo Gallery stops responding or will not start

Then there>>Diashow pro

If you create a redirected folder, such as C:\NewPicturesFolder, and then set the new folder as the Pictures target folder by using Windows Explorer, when you start Windows Live Photo Gallery it may not recognize the new folder. Or even open it.
This problem occurs because Windows Live Photo Gallery recognizes redirected folders only when a new database is created. Redirected folders are not automatically recognized when Windows Live Photo Gallery is started.
To work around this problem, remove the Pictures folder in Windows Live Photo Gallery and then add the Pictures folder to Windows Live Photo Gallery again.

How to use the Vista My Pictures Slideshow

Hope it helps you
TheHoundConnect With a Mentor Commented:
They are temporary files, meaning, there is a chance they were deleted by Vista to save memory. So, as for not being able to find them, that may be your answer.
nobusAuthor Commented:
to save memory ona system with 2 Gb ram ?  and no special applications ? Hard to believe
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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
It could simply be that one of the images is corrupt - it may just be a matter of illimination.
nobusAuthor Commented:
no corrupt images either, as it occurs EVERY time, and picks pictures at random
souseranConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The three files you name are the ones created to send the error to Microsoft. They are deleted immediately after you send. If you want to see them, make copies of them *before* you send the error to Microsoft. This is SOP. The file names should be the same anytime you get the "send error" window, so just search for those file names. They will usually be in a WER#### folder.
nobusAuthor Commented:
will do that souseran

The privacy statement link that comes with the error reporting option gives a good overview of the process.  I've yet to have Microsoft respond to any error report I've sent.
nobusAuthor Commented:
Then why do they ask you to send it?
But i think before - in xp - it worked

Darned good question. :-) The answer, according to Microsoft, and from the link you provided above, is:

"Why does Microsoft collect information about errors and problems?

The information helps Microsoft and Windows partners diagnose problems in the software you use and provide solutions. Not all problems have solutions but when solutions are available, they are offered as steps for solving a problem you've reported or as updates to install. To help prevent problems and make software more reliable, some solutions are also included in service packs and future versions of the software."
nobusAuthor Commented:
Nice gibberish
Ain't it just . . . LOL.
Have you tried running chkdsk on your hard drive to see if any of your problems are caused by disk corruption?
nobusAuthor Commented:
Well-i'll try to answer everybody :
it is a brand new system with Vista running.
when i have the photoshow  of the same folders in Xp, there is absolutely no problem.
IT  NEVER worked in vista as it should; and i have turned off updates (i will try that only if nothing else cures this (minor ) problem.
i will try all suggestions in a day or 2, since i am plastering my bedroom with horrible paper, due to a feminine indigestion....

One thing, Diashow is the software in German. The English is here:

Slideshow Software Photo Album Program: Software for Slideshows on PC, TV, CD-ROM, VCD, SVCD, DVD and Websites

Not sure which one you have on the unit.
nobusAuthor Commented:
it is only the option i take from the inbuilt screensaver in Vista, or XP - no other software used
nobusAuthor Commented:
update : i did the windows updates - no improvement, still problem
nobus is all your pictures in the one folder?
Well I dont know what this Diashow and did include a the software download site as well.
Unless its just your words :)
try this Nobus
Use pictures as your screen saver Vista
nobusAuthor Commented:
that is what i use and said from the start - i don't know how to word it better !
Hi  Nobus
What directory did you choose for the slideshow?
If you have simply selected C drive for your screen saver you may run into problems.

I was thinking of of my own experience (XP) my pictures slideshow and hit a black screen that was caused by a video named mp3 stuck in among the pictures.
If you have a video or some sort stuck among your photoes pictures and this is Vista
 it may get  black screen
 because it can't play one particular file...  maybe missing a codec or something if there is a video stuck in there
Could you use some images from one folder in the Vista  Photo gallery, and test that,
you may have to go thru all the images or set the directory to one folder locally only.
Could also be related to the video card.<<
If this is a video card  issue
Look in the header>>
Improve your screen saver's visuals .
 In order to see your screen saver with high-quality visuals << have you enabled this?
(including themes and transitions),

>> you need to have a subscore of 3.0 for the Graphics category in the Windows Experience Index.<< note this crazy thing.
Does your video card get a score rating of 3 or higher?

Some themes also require your computers graphics card to have a feature called Vertex Shader 2.0. To take advantage of all slide show capabilities, you might need to upgrade to a more powerful graphics card. For more information, see Ways to improve your computer's performance.
 1-Have you looked thru all the pictures one by to find any that may actually be bad or simply not included properly.?
2-Did you take a look at the expanded section in that link?
Customise the screensaver.
There is a few settings to include different types of images.
 If you want to customize the screen saver, you can click Settings in the Screen Saver Settings dialog box, and then do any of the following:
1-Show only pictures and videos with a particular tag
2-Show only pictures and videos with a particular rating
3-Prevent certain pictures or videos from appearing in the screen saver
4-Apply a slide show theme to your screen saver
5-Play your pictures and videos in random order
save the changes.
If you don't make any changes to the screen saver settings, Windows will show all the pictures and videos stored in Windows Photo Gallery.

So I would be looking into these settings to include pictures only ( NO VIDEOS)
Check the your video card rating.

What video card do you have?
Regards Merete
nobusAuthor Commented:
Hey Merete, thanks for the follow -up.
You may be right on the mp3 files (not that i have them, but i have some movie files in there with the .mov extension; i will remove them and test. Do i understand you right when i say " if i can doubleclick the video files, and they play", everything should work ok?  because thay play normal . i will test this now, and update
yep look forward to your results
just to elaborate, set the screensaver for pictures only, .MOV maybe right out of the equasion since these do require special codecs to play, remember this is Vista lol.
 use pictures only nobus.
Remove any and all other files and leave only images, consider separating files into separate folders of types.

then customise your screensaver settings to point to the photoes gallery or my pictures folder only.
Once you have confirmed there is only pictuires there
3-Prevent certain pictures or videos from appearing in the screen saver

good Luck

nobusAuthor Commented:
i removed the video folders - ssh ... (same...happens)
hmm,  okay  all  in one effort.... take your time Nobus :)
A Windows SideShow-compatible device or the related Gadgets do not work reliably in Windows Vista

Many errors in Windows are caused by corrupt files. Those files could have become corrupt because of errors on your hard drive. The Check Disk tool checks for errors and attempts to fix any it finds.
How to Use Check Disk in Windows Vista

How to analyze the log file entries that the Microsoft Windows Resource Checker (SFC.exe) program generates in Windows Vista

How to force Windows Photo Gallery to display images by using GDI on a Windows Vista-based computer

checklist revamp
All the pictures are accurate no funny names?
Have you imported them from any external sources? USB devices cameras? OS XP?
It has never worked since new?
you need to have a subscore of 3.0 for the Graphics category in the Windows Experience Index??
You have rebooted?
You have turned off UAC? User Account Control

Nobus have you scanned for viruses recently?
You know that certain images (JPEG)  can be viruses.
Are all your images jpeg or a mixed bag or BMP or gifs jpeg etc?
Seems you have to include the videos in the customise options it doesnt  allow you to choose images only, therefor I would remove these video and or any other files type not images pictures files altogether out of the chosen directory from either windows gallery or the chosen directory for the slideshow. this at least would  prevent the slideshow from detecting any.
have you refreshed the settings and then saved them?
step2 once you have cleared out these folders
Windows Live Photo Gallery creates a database to keep track of the photos and the videos in your collection. If this database becomes corrupted, you may experience symptoms.
To resolve this problem, you must force Windows Live Photo Gallery to regenerate the database.
 To do this, follow the steps for your operating system:
" Windows Vista1. Close Windows Live Photo Gallery.  
2. Click Start , type %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Photo Gallery in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER.
3. Right-click Pictures.pd4, and then select Rename.
4. Change the name of file to OLD_Pictures.pd4.
5. Start Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Note Windows Live Photo Gallery will re-create the database based on the metadata and information that is stored in your media files. Any metadata that is not written back to a media file will be lost.
 For example, the metadata could be lost because a media file was locked or read-only.
There is always more but I think that about covers it if you still don't have success i would  suggest you use another slideshow. Or run a repair of Vista.
Best Wishes
nobusAuthor Commented:
i will look into your suggestions in due time; i'll try to answer some already :
All the pictures are accurate no funny names?         >>>  don't know what you mean exactly
Have you imported them from any external sources? USB devices cameras? OS XP? >>>>>>  they exist on my PC for years, and have worked flawlessly with XP - no problems whatsoever
It has never worked since new?   >>>>>     NOT once with Vista
you need to have a subscore of 3.0 for the Graphics category in the Windows Experience Index??
You have rebooted?  >>>>>>>  2-3 times a day
You have turned off UAC? User Account Control    >>>  did turn off nothing

Nobus have you scanned for viruses recently?     >>>>   no, but no problems either, and AVG free from start
You know that certain images (JPEG)  can be viruses.   >>>   all the photo's i add come from my camera...
Are all your images jpeg or a mixed bag or BMP or gifs jpeg etc?   >>>>   mixed
nobusAuthor Commented:
an update - maybe a phrased the problem wrong :
it seems the diashow runs for 5 or 10 minutes ok, and then wants to shut down; that is when the error is generated.
Now - i do not want it to close it down, it may run forever, but i cannot find any settings for this "ameliorated" Vista screensaver, except
1) point to the pictures folders
2) how fast it is dispalyed
3) choose fixed dsiplay order, or randow
4) the time after which the SS starts

Any more helpful info from over there ?
Hey Nobus
How big are some of the images, I have seen some photoes run into 2 megs in size maybe its too much to handle, could check the speed settings and choose fixed display order so they dont go flying around.

1. Go to the link
2. Scroll down the page until you see How does Slide Show work?
3. Click on Show all for instructions.
Windows Sidebar and gadgets (overview)

I think we have covered everything I can think of.

Best Wishes and fingers crossed

nobusAuthor Commented:
it's not side bar i use Merete, i just right click on my desktop, select adapt to personal and i select screensaver settings from there
nobusAuthor Commented:
I got much help, but no real answer, so i'll split points as best as i can
hope everybody is happy with it
Here the x-mas points
nobusAuthor Commented:
happy X-mas everybody !
Thanks Nobus at least you have lots to ponder over :)
Happy Christmas to you and yours too.
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