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I.E. Error Signature message

I got a strange popup from a user running Win2K while they were checking out something on Yahoo maps. It looked something like this:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Error signature

AppName: iexplorer.exe      AppVer: 6.0.2800.1106
ModVer:       Offset: 5211ad17

Reporting details:
This error report includes: information regarding the condition of Microsoft Internet Explorer when the problem occurred; the operating system version and computer hardware in use; Digital Product ID, which could be used to identify your license; and the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer.

We do not intentionally collect your files, name, address and email address or any other form of personally identifiable information. However, the error report could contain customer-specific information such as data from open files. While this information could potentially be used to determine your identity, if present, it will not be used.

The data that we collect will only be used to fix the problem. If more information is available, we will tell you when you report the problem. This error report will be sent using a secure connection to a database with limited access and will no be used for marketing purposes.

To view technical information about the error report, click here.
To see our data collection plicy on the web, click here


Is this something i should be concerned with?

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