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Wizard style nested dialogs using VC++/MFC

I want create wizard style nested dialogs using VC++/MFC, there will be only one outer dialog with some header and footer with JPG images and there will be many inner dialog. The inner dialog will keep on changing based on selecting back and Next button.

 I am using a static box as a place holder and I am able to insert one dialog(child) by adding the following code in OnInitDialog.  But how can I make it like a wizard, so that on selecting next and back I can change the inner dialog?

CRect rct;
      m_staticPlaceholder.GetWindowRect(&rct); // In screen coordinates
          CDialog* pchild = new CWelComeDlg;
      // Call Create() explicitly to ensure the HWND is created.
      pchild->Create(CWelComeDlg::IDD, this);

      // Set the window position to be where the placeholder was.
                     pchild->SetWindowPos(NULL,rct.left,rct.top,rct.Width(),rct.Height(), SWP_SHOWWINDOW)
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